About Us

About Kesar Tea

Being an indispensable part of hospitality in India and many cultures across the globe, tea refreshes and energizes. A cup of good tea has been the source of great beginnings. When it comes to sources of great tea, here is Kesar Tea which is a brand dealing in wholesale of a wide variety of the best tea products.

The Genesis of Kesar Tea

All great things have a humble beginning and Kesar Tea was no different. If we were to really trace its start, it all begun some 70-years ago in 1952 when Sardar Gurmukh Singh started the venture after India-Pakistan partition. At that time, it was in the shape of a local grocery business and was confined to Paharganj area in Delhi. Later, within a short span of time, it emerged as a company selling tea. Still it did not recognize itself as a brand and sold loose tea.

Sardar Gurmukh Singh and His Legacy

Sardar Gurmukh Singh’s four sons carried on the legacy and expanded the business to newer levels. Each one of them handled one of the responsibilities which included expanding sales, maintaining quality, handling production and tea blending. Now, the third generation are behind the wheels to further expand the business and are running and maintaining the legacy successfully. They share the same zeal and urge to provide the best quality tea to customers.

His inspirational words…

“A big thanks to innumerable customers in India and worldwide as their love and affection for Kesar Tea products constantly inspires me to provide the best tea products.”

- Late. Mr. Iqbal Singh

The Fact File

It was on February 27, 1979, that Kesar tea was formally founded and was registered as a brand on March l, 1989 (Registered no. 506255). Soon, it was able to win hearts of thousands of customers not only in Delhi but in NCR area as well. It was no looking back as people welcomed Kesar tea products so well that it soon became a big brand. Now, it is a leading tea products wholesale vendor in India and in some of the parts of the world.

Chief Products

Kesar Tea’s three chief products viz. Kesar Chai, Kesar Gold Tea and Kesar Satmukh are a hit among customers. All these products witness an ever-increasing demand with the addition of new customers on a daily basis.

Vision, Mission & Values

Kesar Tea has one mission, one vision and one value. It is to provide the best quality tea products. We all know that tea is something which not only refreshes a person but it also has medicinal properties. A focus on quality, timely delivery and customer-first approach inspire the workforce at Kesar Tea.

Here is what our employees have to say

“Working at Kesar Tea is like working at a place which we own. I love to come for work as I find clear vision and a clear understanding of my duties and responsibilities.”

Mukesh Sharma, Supervisor

“Sometimes, I wonder how passionate Kesar Tea is about quality and timely delivery. I give full energy to do my job not because I get salary but because I respect their vision.”

Deepesh Dhankar, Operations Manager.

The Real Test – Client Testimonials

“We have been dealing with Kesar Tea for the past three decades and the special thing about their products is quality consciousness.”

ABC, Manager, Client company, Mumbai

“We thank Kesar Tea and team for being so competent and responsible in wholesale tea sale. We love to source products from them as their products far surpass others in quality.”

CDE, Head, Client company, Surat